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Studio C features an SSL 4064G (fitted with 8 stereo channels and Ultimation).

This console was originally made for a studio in France called Studio Mega in 1989, it then made its way to Florida to an unknown producer's personal studio. It was purchased in 2005 by Rock Beach studios in Whiterock, BC.

When Rock Beach closed its doors the console spent time in the hallowed halls of Mushroom Studios in Vancouver before it came to Big Valley Audio for the largest console project they have ever taken on. Under the expert guidance of Chris Potter and Corey Dixon, the console had the following done:

  • All electrolytic capacitors replaced

  • All switches replaced

  • Custom touch screen monitor (with actuator arm to adjust monitor angle) and keyboard and mouse installed in the listening position of the console so Protools can be operated facing the speakers.

  • Shortcut keys built into metalwork

  • Converted to a 4048 console with three banks of mono channels on either side of the center section.

  • Patch bay converted from a dual 32 side by side to a single 48.

  • Ultimation removed and the VCA automation installed

This console is truly one of a kind. In a standalone building with its own lounge and kitchen, Studio C is a private space for recording or mixing.


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