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OCL Studios Isolation Booth


Studio A features the world-renown Neve 88R Console and custom ATC200 Mains. Our racks feature a selection of the most sought-after outboard gear. The room was carefully designed, tuned, and treated to make it one of the country's best-sounding rooms.

Studio A features two isolation booths off the tracking room that offer clear sightlines to players in the tracking room and one isolation booth off the control room. 

We've accommodated everything from orchestras to rock bands to singer-songwriters. This functional room can be used for any recording project. 


Custom Built

Studio A was designed by Chris Potter, an engineer based in Vancouver who has designed rooms from Bryan Adams, Chad Kroeger, and Sarah McLachlan.


Live off the Floor

We specialize in Live Off The Floor recordings where multiple players can be recording at the same time.



Studio A was designed to be a  versatile space that could be used for recordings of any kind and by artists of all skill levels.


Isolation Booths

There are three isolation booths in Studio A: two attached to the live room floor and one attached to the control room.

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