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We like to call ourselves a hub. We've really never wanted to do anything more than become a part of the Calgary, Alberta, and Canadian music scene and contribute in a positive way. Luckily, we've got a fair bit of space to do that. 

We're about a half an hour drive from Calgary, and there's something pretty magical about driving through the prairies. It gives you a little space to be able to think freely and create. We have almost six acres of space and are surrounded by the prairies with a nice view of the mountains. 

We talk a lot about vibe here. It's essential to us. We have lots of natural light, lots of wide-open spaces, lots of gathering places. Our favourite days are ones where there's someone in the hall and in each of the studios. Artists can meet each other, listen to each other's work, or share a meal in the communal kitchen. Your home away from home.


yyc airport to OCL studios // 30 minutes via stoney trail & AB-1 

downtown yyc to OCL studios // 30 minutes via deerfoot trail & AB-1 

south yyc to OCL studios // 30 minutes via glenmore trail

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