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Our hall is a 1200 sq ft. utility space, perfect for workshops and classes of all kinds. 

The room has several large windows bringing so much natural light into your workspace. The room features a beautiful bay window with a view of the prairies and the rocky mountains.

The highlight of our room is a Sgt. Pepper era Beatles stained glass mural. 

There is a bathroom attached to the hall for your comfort, as well as a fridge and sink. There is access to a full kitchen. We have 50 folding chairs for you and your guests to use, as well as several large plastic banquet tables. 

The room is easily configured into many different set-ups. We also have a small PA available for music, performances, or a microphone for any public speakers. We welcome programs of all kinds.

This space is $200 + GST per day. Please reach out for availability and booking.

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