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"OCL Studios is a dream. It's such an inspiring place to record. It is a place you can focus completely on your work, uninterrupted and with endless inspiration and tools you need to realize a vision."

- Christopher L Hayden -- Florence and the Machine


"A good studio today is all about people and vibe. OCL as a studio has a supporting and inviting vibe, and the people are second to none. Looking forward to spending more time creating there."

- Michael Bernard Fitzgerald 


"The most intense musical experience the band has ever had. It was like living in a bubble where creativity could run wild."

- Jetty Road 


"Musicians, we all have this sound in us that we are trying to get out. Some of us are singularly focused on a certain sound or style; others chase many different muses and inspirations. For me, having a place like OCL available that is incredibly well thought out, comfortable, spacious, and well equipped makes it stress free to chase those sounds when recording. As a producer the exact same amenities are perfect to write for, record and oversee practically any style or recording project that I would need. Most importantly the staff is knowledgeable, friendly, professional, fast, easy, and fun to work with. I've had nothing but great experiences there, and I look forward to many more."

- Johnny Summers 


"OCL is simply the best place to capture great sounds between Vancouver and Toronto. A great sounding room, great headphone mixes (thank you!), great staff, and nothing that gets between the artist and the creation of music. All of my favorite studio attributes in one place!"

- Russell Broom 


"I love recording at OCL Studios. World class engineers, an amazing collection of vintage gear and keyboards, incredible vibe; it’s pretty hard to argue with this place. This purpose built studio is absolutely stunning and is situated in a beautiful location where you can forget about everything else and just be creative. Truly one of the finest studios in this country."

- Mike Little 


"OCL Studios is a world class facility in every way! Great people, great gear, and an unbelievable atmosphere to make music in. I can't wait to go back."

- Murray Pulver


"Such a great pleasure to work in your beautiful Studio A. It was a real treat to be a guest/engineer and the staff took great care of us. Thank you for having me! I had a blast the last few days! Looking forward to coming back hopefully very soon!"

- Paul Yee


"Just had an incredible experience in Calgary at the amazing OCL Studios. Studio A is brilliant for a band like us that wants to record old school - ie all together in the same room. The gear is top notch, fabulous mic selection. The facility has super comfortable, clean bedrooms, some with ensuites, and the kitchen and dining area are fantastic. The owner, Dan, and his staff are super cool to work with - friendly, helpful and total professionals. It has the feel of a place out of the '70's in the best sense - and for me that is the greatest, as a HUGE amount of my favourite music came out of that era. I can't recommend it highly enough."

- Sass Jordan

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