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Merry Christmas from OCL Studios

T'was The Night Before Christmas 

T’was the night before Christmas, and the studio was dark

The board tape was fresh, there wasn’t a mark.

The patchbay was empty, the outboard gear off

“Take a holiday” the Boss said, with a bit of a scoff.


The Neumanns, Telefunkens, and the AKGs too

Were away in the mic cabinet with not much to do. 

Josh was with his daughter, Spencer with his wine,

Brennan with his fiancee, and James with his stein. 


When out of the Neve came a terrible noise! 

“Better get down here!” Dan screamed at the boys.

To the studio they hurried, they arrived in a flash

Spenny speeding down the gravel asking for a crash.


They ran into the control room, Josh panting from the speed.

“I eat too many doughnuts! I eat more than I need!”

They looked around the room and saw a very peculiar sight

The board was lit, the faders up; How could this be right?


The four looked at each, they looked left and right

Had Dan hired an engineer? Not without a fight!

Just right then they heard a noise from off the live room floor

A mysteriously booming voice that shook them to the core.


Off they went to check things out, ready to defend

But what they saw inside that room they couldn’t comprehend! 

There he was dressed in all red, set up in guitar land

To his left and to his right, his reindeer were the band!


Josh looked at Spencer, Spencer looked at James

Who had heard of reindeer gigs instead of reindeer games?

But Santa Klaus looked ready, his Fender all strung up.

And Rudolph sat behind the kit sipping coffee from his cup. 


Vixen had a banjo, Blitzen had a bass,

Dasher had his wurly out, sitting on a case.

Comet had a lap steel, Cupid a mandolin

And behind the grand piano sat Dancer with a grin. 


They seemed like they were ready and waiting to record

So the four looked at each other, and walked back to the board.

Josh pulled out his phone and sat down on the couch

While Brennan ran protools and James was a grouch.


Santa started to play, his reindeer played too

And it wasn’t too long before our team felt blue.

“Santa’s not very good.” Brennan said with a frown

Checking to make sure the talkback was down.


Santa’s tone wasn’t great, they weren’t on the click.

Blitzen was rushing, Rudolph dropping his stick!

“We need to do something!” Spencer said with a sigh

For he knew mixing this would cause him to cry.


They wondered and wondered, what on earth could they do?

They couldn’t tell Santa his band kind of blew.

“Can we listen?” Santa said with a jolly ole’ grin

Brennan said yes, though it belonged in the bin.


He walked in and listened, his reindeer friends too

They weren’t great musicians, they belonged in a zoo.

James played back the track and waited for news

They watched Santa’s face, looking for clues.


But Santa looked happy! He looked full of glee!

“This is the best, the best it could be!” 

He hugged the four men, and thanked them for their work

“I’ll put you on the nice list.” He said with a smirk.


Santa gathered his reindeer, and walked out the door

He got his sleigh ready and got set to soar.

With one final wave he took off in the sky,

“Next time I’ll stay, we can order some Thai!”