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Studio Monthly

March was a fun month for us. We saw the return of some old friends, the building and burning of a music video set, and had the pleasure of having our live room filled with an eclectic assortment of talented musicians. Here's this month's highlights from our team.

Photo by Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk

Spencer Cheyne

What did you work on in the studio this month: It’s been a busy month… A handful of projects this month included: Mike Scullion, Cities Under Fire, Celia Rose, Mark Troyer, Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk, Bebo Grove, Lindsay Butler, The Young Canadians, a Film Score for Leroux Music, Natasha Platt, Outlets Band, The Von Griners, James Graham, Jocelyn Alice, and Locomotive Ghost.

What did you see around town this month: I played a show with Lindsay Ell who just came off a European tour opening up for Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line.

Best concert you've ever seen: The Bros. Landreth in Vancouver.

Instagram - joshrobgwilliam

Josh Gwilliam

What did you work on in the studio this month: I did a Weekend with Hunger Hush, a new song With Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk, recorded 25 songs with Chixdiggit for a album being released next year, and then a bunch of mixing with Death Valley Rebels.

What did you see around town this month: Went out to Village Brewery to watch Mitch Belot's CD release party. We recorded his album in the late fall of 2014. Absolutely amazing album and a crazy great performer.

Best concert you've ever seen: It'd have to say Iron Maiden. I've always been a big fan of that band, and they never disappoint.

Instagram - OCLstudios

James Bundy

What did you work on in the studio this month: I worked on some things for the Young Canadians with a really great set of musicians, as well as with the wonderful Natasha Platt.

What did you see around town this month: I did tech for a few nights of an amazing dance show put on by O2 Dance this month, called "Between The Branches". They converted a dance studio into a park, with a bridge as the centrepiece and park benches and seating all around for the audience to sit on. The trick was that the dance was happening all around - and the audience was on the "stage" with the dancers. So, one moment there might be a number across the room, the next there will be a dancer doing a solo piece right next to you, and the next a dancer will be moving you out of the way so you don't get kicked in the face! Really cool concept for a contemporary interactive dance show. It was a nice change of pace from the usual concert, too!

I also got to attend The Vinyl Cafe at the Jack Singer, where Reuben and the Dark were the house band for the show - finally got to see Stuart McLean live, and the band sounded amazing.

(After James answered the question, he had a show at the Nickle Theatre with Locomotive Ghost. It was a lot of fun!)

Best concert you've ever seen: That's pretty tough, considering I "see" about 4 or 5 concerts a week! I think one of the most mind-blowing moments for me was when I did sound for The Bros. Landreth (of Winnipeg) on their first show of their first Canadian tour as that band, and I had chills. I saw them when they came back through 2 weeks later after listening to the album, and I'd say I've listened to it about 5 million times since. If you haven't checked them out already, you really, really have to.

Instagram - joshrobgwilliam

Brennan Kennedy

What did you work on in the studio this month: This month I worked with Josh and producer Russ Broom on the Chixdigget project. 

What did you see around town this month: I spent some time in Red Deer helping out a high school rock band, and helped out in Calgary with live sound instruction. 

Best concert you've ever seen: The band Wave. My mom played with the drummer so I got to go back stage and meet the band and play his drums (it was my second concert ever - I thought it was awesome!)