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Friendship fuels Calgary country duo Leaving Thomas

"Recorded at OCL Studios just outside of Calgary, there is no shortage of sharp hooks to be heard. ... “We went in there with no real direction of genre,” Udy says. “We really let just the songs find their own way with the guys live off the floor in the studio. Production-wise after, the music found its own home.”"

Eric Volmers | Calgary Herald


Anywhere and in Casino with the Dungarees

"Produced by multi-Grammy Award wining producer Paul Worley, Anywhere With You is the The Dungarees' follow-up single to I'm Down. An upbeat summer single, Anywhere With You was recorded at Alberta's OCL Studios, marking Worley's first visit to the studio, and the band's inaugural work with this burgeoning new relationship."

Javier Encalada | The Northern Star


Calgary singer finds it all in love songs

"Two years after that last album, you might guess that new songs are coming down the pike and you would be right. Over the past year, Fitzgerald has been dropping down to Los Angeles and out to the rural setting of OCL Studios just outside Calgary near Langdon, working with notable past collaborators such as producers Jon Levine and Brian West (Philosopher Kings, etc.)."

Roger Levesque | Edmonton Journal


Calgary beat: The Ashley Hundred

"Key to their efforts was the recording time provided by OCL Studios, where they worked with Josh Gwilliam, the wizard behind the OCL soundboard."

Jodi Brak | BeatRoute


Kate Stevens, 17, chronicles teenage romance and heartbreak with debut EP

"Stevens entered OCL Studios in Chestermere this winter to record five of those songs. Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, an acclaimed Calgary singer-songwriter and fellow alumni of the Calgary Stampede Talent Search, was enlisted to produce. Sound engineering was done by Josh Rob Gwilliam, who has worked with the Road Hammers and George Canyon."

Eric Volmers | Calgary Herald


AMMARA to Release Debut EP Black Moon

"The six-track EP features guest appearances by Charles Spearin of Broken Social Scene, L.A. Guitarist/Producer, Joel Shearer, and Grammy-winning Producer/Engineer, Shawn Everett. Recorded at OCL Studios in Calgary and at The Banff Centre, as well as pieces in Ohm's basement in Calgary and Shearer's home in Topanga Canyon, L.A., Ohm calls the album a practice in creative self-trust."

Cashbox Magazine


The Static Shift get ready to celebrate birthday bliss

"The new album was recorded at OCL Studios and mixed by veteran Russell Broom (Jann Arden, The Dudes, The Sam Roberts Band). “We didn’t do a single edit on the album,” said Friesen. “They were all [first] takes, 12 songs in two days.” This live-off-the-floor style captures the band’s easy fluidity."

Foster Modesette | BeatRoute


Calgary musician Evan Freeman flies high with ambitious debut Luna

"Downham heard the ambition in the song and headed to Calgary to help Freeman fully realize them during an almost two-week recording stint in OCL Studios, just outside of the city. It was, Freeman says, an “immersive” experience, with the pair living for that entire time in the facility, Downham producing, both of them playing all of the instruments and providing all of the vocals during the rigidly-adhered-to schedule of three days of pre-production, six days of tracking and four days of initial mixing with OCL’s Josh Rob Gwilliam."

Mike Bell | Calgary Herald


20 for '16 in the Year of Music: Dan Owen

"The reputation of OCL, and the fact that it can meet any number of different needs, is something that more and more artists in town and across the country are figuring out, usually by word of mouth or through discovering it themselves as part of another project they were a part of."

Mike Bell | Calgary Herald


One Touring Musician's Love Letter To Calgary

"Calgary has treated us wonderfully as we've made this record. Everything was recorded just east of town at OCL Studios. Dan, Josh and the crew there made us feel incredibly welcome."

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald | Huffington Post


OCL Studios hoping to build a name for itself by offering musicians a unique recording experience

"While Owen still lives in a separate part of the house, the rest of it is set up with everything including living quarters, full kitchen, office space, swimming pool, hot tub, and, of course, the recording area itself, which was designed by Vancouverite and Sarah McLachlan engineer Chris Potter and built with an ear for detail, featuring control room, studios, recording booths and editing suite, along with guitars, microphones and other gear."

Mike Bell | Calgary Herald


A new tradition in live recording? OCL Studios’ Take 5 Sessions bring fans into the mix

"OCL Studios was founded by Dan Owen as a place where musicians could live and record music in comfort and solitude. Built into Owen’s home east of Calgary, just a stone’s throw from the Trans-Canada Highway, the studio combines the convenience of a quick trip to Calgary with the privacy and good hospitality of country living. Musicians who record at OCL have access to a full suite of bedrooms, a private kitchen and near total solitude, something Owen says is an important part of the OCL experience."

Jodi Brak | Beat Route


Get To Know an NMC Donor: Dan Owen

"Who is OCL for? It’s for all artists at every level. It’s all about creating music. Bringing your passion and creativity into fruition at whatever level."

Terry Cho | National Music Centre

Lauren Mann returns home with no folk, less folk and more folk with new album Dearestly

"Helping with that was the fact that the album was recorded at local OCL Studios and produced by Redekopp and Gwilliam. Mann says the place and the environment are conducive to collaboration and creativity. “The first thing that jumped out to me when we visited the first time is the community that it fosters,” she says. “It is a hub and there’s always someone doing something cool there, either recording or just building stuff for someone’s production, people writing together. So it just kind of fosters the community. And I think this album was totally a product of that.”"

Mike Bell | Calgary Herald

Calgary Rock Quintet Bad Animal Continuing to Do Good Tonight and Every Night

"Take, for example, during the recording of their recently released debut album Tonight at fast-approaching legendary local OCL Studios. During the productive week they spent in the space, which is just outside of the city limits, they recorded, they lived and they did what they do best."

Mike Bell | Calgary Herald